[ˈdæn.jəl ˈkʰw̥ɪ.ɡli]

I’m a PhD student at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Linguistics Department, advised by Nicholas Fleisher. My research is interdisciplinary, and involves aspects of linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, and computer science.

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I specialize in advancing natural language processing (NLP) by deriving, describing, and exploring natural language understanding (NLU) by grounding it in fundamental linguistic and mathematical theory; in particular, my work involves equipping semantic vector space models with logical reasoning, increasing their interpretability while maintaining efficiency. This integration aims to ensure models are not only efficient but also trustworthy and transparent in their decision-making processes.

Besides my research, I serve as the Instructor of Record for introductory linguistics courses at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Outside academia, I’m a freelance mathematics and physics tutor and a Genius technician at Apple.